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About Wendy

Wendy Lipton-Dibner is known internationally for her uncanny ability to move people to action. President and Founder of Professional Impact, Inc. and the Shatter Your Speed Limits Fast-Track Academy®, she works passionately as a speaker, author and consultant, helping her clients avoid the frustration of failure and the tragedy of a life half-lived. An expert in organizational and personal development, Wendy wakes up every day excited about knowing precisely what she wants and how to make it happen. But she didn’t start that way.

Some kids know exactly who they are and what they want to be when they grow up. They are comfortable in their own skin, they set their course and they never look back. But Wendy wasn’t like that. In fact, she spent her first 30 years searching for the unique impact she could make in the world.  Wendy reinvented herself over and over, adding layers of education, certification and skills until she had amassed a wealth of knowledge and experiences. All the while she was desperately searching for the answer to the questions: Who am I and what do I really want?

Her existential quest sent her on quite a journey: Her passion for music led her to perform in vocal groups and theater productions. Her love of teaching prompted her to serve as a university instructor. Her talent for research brought her to work as a project manager in organizational research – publishing her results in professional journals and presenting them at the U.S. Senate. Her entrepreneurial drive compelled her to build a full-service spa where she broke industry standards for retail sales. Her deep desire to make a difference drove her to receive certification as a psychotherapist and open a private practice, and then to purchase a motivation franchise where she set world records for sales and customer service.

But something was still missing and Wendy was desperate to find it.

She cleared her calendar and left for a 7-day cruise. Alone in the middle of the ocean, she made a list of everything she’d ever done, everything she knew how to do, everything she loved doing, everything she dreamed of doing and all of the rules that were getting in her way. One by one, she rejected the rules that were holding her back and then stared at her list of desires and resources, hoping they would reveal some new truth.

Then on the last day of the cruise, she found it_the career that would allow her to do everything she loved while making a significant impact: She would combine her unique set of knowledge, skills and insights into practical and inspiring programs and then deliver them on stages worldwide. The moment she returned, she sprang to action with an energy and passion that was greater than any she had ever known.  Within three months she launched her new career as a professional speaker with a mission to make an impact on every life she touched. And she has.

Everywhere she speaks, Wendy uses the Shatter Your Speed Limits Action Formula© as the foundation for her programs, assuring that her audiences make catalytic changes in record time. Her high-energy, entertaining style, coupled with her practical strategies for motivation, alignment and differentiation have enabled healthcare organizations, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies to increase productivity and revenues exponentially.  A stickler for measured results, Wendy’s research has consistently revealed that productivity and excellence are directly correlated with the degree to which people are internally motivated, able to do the job and willing to change. Her commitment to addressing all three components of success has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide improve their satisfaction and results in business and in life.

With the publication of her bestselling book, Shatter Your Speed Limits, she is shaking things up yet again_sharing her motivation secrets and making a public commitment to use her expertise as a vehicle to help non-profit organizations raise funds and increase public awareness.  Never one to be stuck in status quo, Wendy walks her talk by continually asking herself the question that is at the very core of The Action Formula:

If you woke up tomorrow morning and magically found that you had everything you truly wanted how would your life be different?

Today Wendy teaches what she wishes she’d known long ago that existential crises are the springboards for reinvention and that wondering who you are and what you truly want is always the perfect place to begin.

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