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Who’s Living Inside Your Head?

You’re driving down the road alone in your car when you hear people talking  - the only problem is…you’re alone!

Voice # 1: I’m hungry

Voice # 2: You’ve got an apple in your bag.

Voice # 1: I want ice cream.

Voice # 3: Sure, have some ice cream. You’re never going to get into those jeans anyway, so why not make an even bigger pig of yourself.

Voice # 1: Sigh

Voice # 4: Wait a minute. You’ve worked really hard this week. Besides, everybody deserves a treat now and then.

Voice # 2: Frozen Yogurt. Forget the bread tonight and get on the treadmill for 30 minutes.

Voice # 1: Yes!

Voice # 3: You’ll be soooorrrrryyyyy.

Voice # 5: I’ll be good. Just yogurt. Plain.

So…you drive to the yogurt store.

Clerk: May I help you?

Voice # 5: Yes please, I’ll have a small, non-fat vanilla yogurt in a cup

Voice # 1: With nuts, sprinkles, hot fudge and whipped cream!

Voice # 3: Pig.

Sound familiar?

But who are these voices and why are they living inside your head?! The simple answer is, these voices are different parts of YOU and you’re perfectly normal.

In my book, Shatter Your Speed Limits, the characters learn they all have these conversations going on in their heads and discover the voices belong to Five Teeny People. Yes, you read that right.  We’ve all got Five Teen People living inside of us. And that’s perfectly normal.

In the ideal world, all five of your teeny people work together to help you figure things out, support you, keep you energized and safe. Together they provide everything you need to make sure you get through life and build your future.

When there is disagreement between our voices, then we’ve got a problem. As our teeny people build up their conflicts with each other, we experience that as discomfort, stress and even depression.

There are so many things you’ll discover when you get to know your teeny people. But for now, here’s what I want you to understand: your success and your failure is largely a function of whether your five teeny people are aligned to your goals.

So spend some time getting to know your teeny people. Find out what each of them wants and find a way to orchestrate a win for each of them. When you make that happen, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals! Once you master the leadership of your five teeny people, you’ll be able to help other people align theirs!

Remember – life is too short to settle for less than you truly want. So listen to your teeny people, find out what they’re telling you and I’ll look forward to seeing you on the Fast Track!


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